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What is DNS Leak? How to Prevent It?

May 05, 2019
Early in this year, I have talked about using Public DNS servers and DNS Hijacking in which I explained the whole lot about them. these daysi am right here with any other topic related to DNS that’s DNS Leak. suretoday’s subject matter is DNS Leak wherein you will get to understand what it is,and how to prevent it using various techniques.

What is a DNS Leak?

When you use a VPN, it makes a connection between your computer and its server, and then the VPN server connects you to the website that you queried for. on the other handwhilst you are notusing any VPN, and also you kind a website address inside the browser, then hit input, your IP server at once connects you to that unique internet sitebut with VPN, your connection is filtered through their server and the connection is especiallyencrypted. This way, your ISP or authorities can only see that your computer is hooked up to a VPN server, however they can’t see wherein the VPN connects you. meaning no one can track which web sites you have got been surfingthat’s whatVPN for. however, a state of affairs where the VPN is bypassed is called a DNS Leak. In simple words, if your browsing can be tracked even you are using a VPN; it is called a DNS Leak.
This is a kind of dangerous situation because as a user you don’t even realize that your VPN is bypassed, and all of the time you keep thinking that you are anonymously surfing the netbut the fact is that your logs are being tracked.
you would still be able to unblock the blocked websites in your vicinity because you are the use of the VPN, but your anonymity is left unprotected which at once approach that your location and browsing are being logged by means of your ISP.
So, the query here is a way to ensure that there may be no DNS leak on your VPN?
For this, you need to find out how to test if a VPN has DNS leak or not.

How to Perform DNS Leak Test for your VPN?

There is a simple online tool, that has the answer to it. you need to perform the stairs below:
initiallywithout connecting to the VPN, access as soon as it is loaded, you will be able to see your computer’s IP address and location. This is obvious since you are not using a VPN server.
Now, connect to a VPN.
Again, type in your browser, and once it loads, see that there need to be every other IP address and placeyou can click on “prolonged test” to look extra detailsmeaning VPN has protected your place and masked the IP cope with.
As you can see in the above screenshot that now the brand new location. And, moreover the unique IP address is showingthat means there can be no problem.
but, even you’re the use of a VPN, and whilst you open the dnsleaktest internet site, and it still shows your actual IP addressand areathere may be a DNS Leak.
i’ve used Hola Chrome Extension which offers loose VPN, and then examined the DNS leak. when loaded the dnsleaktest internet site, it confirmed me the special IP and regionhowever once I clicked on “prolonged take a look at”, it showed me my real IP, place, and ISP infomeaning it does have DNS Leak. it’s miles faking your area and IP, however it doesn’t provide anonymity because your surfing and other things are being tracked by your ISP because of DNS Leak in this VPN.
The same element, I attempted the usage of NordVPN, and it didn’t display my actual elementmeaning there may be no DNS Leak right here. So, in case you need or need to use a VPN, go together with NordVPN. The same element, I tried the usage of Shellfire VPN and found it to be exact, and no DNS/IP Leak is there. ExpressVPN is likewise at the listing that doesn’t have any DNS leak hasslefurthermore,  you need to configure it correctly. So, you can choose any of these. Moreover, there might be many other VPNs that don’t have DNS Leak issue, but since I have access to these VPNs, I have tested these only at the moment.
This is how you can find whether your VPN has DNS Leak or Not.

How to Prevent DNS Leak While Using VPN?

  1. Change DNS Server

Though this is not a complete fix for DNS Leak but changing DNS server makes sure that your ISP is not monitoring your browsing and net utilizationin case you are the use of VPN serviceyou can ask them their DNS server, and they will happily provide you that which you could replace in your net settings. moreoverin case you don’t get any DNS server from your VPN provideryou can use public DNS servers which includes Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, etcwhen you have were given the DNS servers either out of your VPN company or any loose public DNS server, however, not sure how to update it, you can read the guide by clicking here to know updating DNS servers.
  1. Use VPN that has no DNS Leak

Until you use a VPN server, it is tough to know whether it has DNS leak or not. thereforeearlier than shopping for any VPN servicemake sure to talk with them, and talk about the DNS leak. you mayalso ask for 1-2 days demo so that you can check if the VPN carrier is right and worth of spending money. Once you are assured, you can go ahead, buy the service.
Mullavad VPN service has a dedicated option that enables you to stop DNS leak which is an introduced advantage.
you could use these sorts of VPN offerings to make sure they may be now not leaking your DNS. This  can be the best solution to prevent DNS Leak.
  1. IPv6 Compatibility

IPv4 is used generally, and every VPN has support for it, but it is gradually changed through IPv6 that’s the contemporary model of IP addresses. Any surfing requests despatched to or from your pcover IPv6 will bypass the VPN if it doesn’t guide IPv6. And, in that case, DNS leak will appearif your VPN has the support for IPv6, then this received’t cause any difficultyconsequentlyeven as deciding on a VPN with IPv6 aid is a sensible selectionhowever, there are some VPNs that block IPv6 traffic to save you from DNS Leak, but it’s top to get the only that processes IPv6 traffic without any leaks.

The Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog

May 05, 2019

Blogging has been one of the trending topics in this decade, and it seems to be evolving more than ever. you can see a large number of various types of blogging todaywhich includes video bloggingdespite the introduction of recent varieties of going for walks a blog,the classic moreover, the classictextual contentbased totally blogging remains a tried a real favourite of many human beings.
starting a weblog has a number of benefits both at private and expert level. Professionally, a weblog can permit you toconnect to your clients and interact with them. in my opinion, a blog let you to construct a community and will let you specific your self to the sector.
in this weblog put upi am going to talk approximately the blessings of beginning your personal weblog, then will introduce you toa great platform that you can use to do so! The Wix Blog helps you create a blog in just a matter of few minutes.

5 Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog

  1. Improve Your Writing Skills

The quality advantage of blogging is that you can enhance your writing abiltiesi have been running a blog for greater than eight years now, and that i nevertheless don’t forget the ones days once I struggled to put in writing down articles of 300 words period. I struggled to find out words and forming sentences. but, as I started out my very own weblog, I tried to write better each unmarried day. regularly, I someway improved my writing skillsat leasthigher than before. I realize there may be nonetheless lots of room for improvementbut in order to take place with time.
So, the best advantage is that you may improve your writing skills and that allow you to anywhere in life whether you need to write a expert email or to write an apology letter or an application or even a letter to your girlfriend, you will be able to write all of them quite well.
  1. Boost Online Presence

whilst you begin your blog and begin operating on it always, you regularly connect with many bloggers and entrepreneurson social media for various commercial enterprise opportunities and networking. Also, when you blog well and share some great advice and records, you get many fans as properly. A high-quality blog can help you extensively with constructing your on-linepresence.
if you also weblog on your business, then every boost in your online presence can help also assist your commercial enterprise plenty. So, beginning a blog facilitates you improve your traditional presence on-line which allow you to to marketplace your commercial enterprise quite effectively.
  1. Increase Search Ranking

When you are running a business, you must have a website for it, which ought to be updated frequentlybecause of the fact corporation web web sites are normally static, that forestalls the growth of the internet site organically in engines like google like google and yahoo. consequentlystarting a weblog covered to the agency internet site assist boom seek score of the internet website online fundamental because even as you start the blog, the website starts getting regularly updated that helps it grow well, and improve the SERP positions.
  1. Understand Your Customers

As you start your own blog integrated into your business website, you can right away communicate to your customers via blog posts, and talk matters the usage of the statement phasethose all help you apprehend your clients greater carefully that help you design merchandise or improve the existing products as in step with their requirement and something that fits well for your customers.
“A business gets success if you understand your customers.”
  1. Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

Starting a blog allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. All you need to do is to work consistently and share content that helps people solve their issues. even as you are an professionalyou can release specific merchandise or start a business enterpriseand you’ll find out your enterprisestarts offevolved out pretty well because of your recognition as an expert.
There are a large quantity of advantages of beginning your personal blogi have just referred to 5 out of them.

ShellFire VPN – Enjoy the Premium VPN Service

May 05, 2019
VPN short for Virtual Private Network allows you to browse the web anonymously and additionally lets you unblock the blocked contentnow and againif you want to look at some television shows or access a internet site that is blocked for your united statesyou could simply switch to a VPN provider, and pick out the server of the united states in which it is not blocked, and get right of entry to that without problems.
apart from those blessingswhen you browse thru VPN, your connection is comfortable aswell, and that is why it is highly recommended to use VPN nowadays. If you are one of those who access Dark Web, VPN service is must.
Though there is a huge list of VPN services, there are few which are excellent ones such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Shellfire VPN, and so forth.
Today I am here to share the review of Shellfire VPN which I have been using for over a month, and things are going quite fine.

What is Shellfire VPN?

Shellfire VPN is a VPN service that you can use for free of cost to browse the internet anonymously. If a few web sites are blocked for your placeand also you want to get entry to them, then this VPN will be a super assistthey have got both loose and top rate VPN plans.
inside the unfastened plan, you get free VPN servers to use which can be comparatively slower than the top class as soon aswhich means your surfing velocity will suffer greateralternativelyif you go along with the top rate plan, you get get entry to to top class VPN servers which give top surfing velocitypoint to be aware that in any case, your net pace will lessenwhilst you use VPN because your requests are tunneled through VPN servers, and then reach to the website server that you want to access. So, due to this tunneling, speed gets reduced.

Best Features of Shellfire VPN

  • They have 35 VPN servers which mean you get get admission to to 19 exclusive servers that you may use to connectthey’re of different nations.
  • Very easy Windows-based client available and same for Mac as well.
  • Unblocks the blocked websites for your laptop or even if you want to get entry to area-blocked websitesyou can do it.
  • Different protocol support is there such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.
  • 14-days money back guarantee which is a great feature as if you
    bought its plan, and within 14 days, in case you don’t like their offeringsyou may ask for a refund, and they may do it.
  • No DNS/IP leaks: There are many VPN services that when you use for unblocking web sitesand skim anonymously, they nevertheless leak your actual IP. surethat is referred to as DNS leak wherein even you are the use of VPN, you aren’t absolutely covered. So, at the same time as shopping for any VPN services, do check if it leaks DNS. Luckily, No DNS leaks found when I tested using com while I was connected to Shellfire VPN. The device confirmed the distinctive ISP, and area when related. And, while VPN is off, it confirmed the realto your data, if there’s DNS leak, even in case you are connected to VPN, this device will still show your actual ISP and your IP address.
  • They have no logging policy which means they don’t save anything when you use it to browse the internet.
  • When you are connected to shellfire VPN, your connection is secured with encrypted with 256-bit protection (top rate Plus plan). butthey have different protection encryption as per the plans. Higher the plan more is the secure connection.
  • Good connection speeds if you use Premium servers. Free servers damn slow. after I examined my internet velocity without the VPN, it was 20MBPS, and while connected with a unfastened VPN server, it went right down to 1MBPS. but, once I used top rate one, the velocity changed into still exact. At instances, the top rate servers supply nearly same pace as normal with a different of only 2-3 MBPS, but that is sometimes. On an average, it seemed to reduce by 8-10 MBPS from actual speed.
  • Using Shellfire VPN keeps you safe from DNS Hijacking as well.
Without VPN [Speed test by]
The difference doesn’t bother you if you are on a high speed internet connection however if you are the one who’s the usage of the comparatively slower connection, then the usage of this VPN may additionally lessen your speed to the level where you can not use browser nicelyhowever, this isn’t the only case with Shellfire VPN; every VPN reduces the internet speed to a good extend.

How to use Shellfire VPN?

To use Shellfire VPN, first of all, you have to download its desktop customerafter which begin using it. moreoverthe primary aspect you need to do is to enroll in it.
Step 1: Sign up for shellfire account.
Step 2: Download the desktop client from the download page on the official website
Step 3: click to launch the setup file as proven within the above screenshot, after which comply with the on-screen commands to finish with the installation.
Step 4: Once installed, launch it, and it will ask for login. Log in with your account credentials.
Step 5: After you logged in, you can see the User interface of the client. Click “Server list Show list of all VPN servers”. this could show you the list of VPN servers. pick any of the servers you needand click connect.
It will take some time to establish the connection.
Note: You can use the premium server only if you have bought the premium plan.
Wait for it to be soon as relatedyou may see a notification on your desktop like this:
That’s all. you are now connected to VPN server, and all your requests will go through the VPN server. Now, you can access the blocked websites as well.


Below is the pricing table to give you the full facts about the features you get in each plan, and their pricing.

Filmora Review – Professional Video Editing Software from Wondershare

May 05, 2019

Your friend probably told you that quality video editing is time-ingesting and requires highstage competencies of a complex software. He has already stuffed you with tons of misconceptions which are just discouraging you from even trying your hand at a few fundamental edits – let alone the fundamental ones. What if I let you know there are video modifying software that are each easy and quick and does the process almost with the equal efficiency? That’s properthe sort of software actually exists – and it’s called Filmora – a professional video editing software from the house of Wondershare.
Talking from the depth of my heart, I have been reviewing many software program from the residence of Wondershare lately, and i have determined all of them quite notableeverysoftware is easyfashionable and properly-crafted. It offers pride to apply one of these exceptional piece of artwork.
take a look at a way to edit films with Filmora in this final guide for beginners.
What separates Filmora from its competition is its intense simplicity. positive, the large wide variety of software that you see inside the marketplace are made that manner because of the variety of applications they serve. But for personal and mildly professional use – Filmora is indeed a smart option. Read further for this Wondershare video editor review.

Features of Filmora – Wondershare Video Editor Review

I have played with Filmora for quite long now, and glad to offer this Wondershare video editor evaluateright here are my highlights of the software program:

What do you want to do?

When you open Filmora, you are greeted with two options. The Wondershare video editor asks you to pick out between clean Mode and complete characteristic Mode. useless to say, the easy mode has the primary and the most important features you may want even as the overall feature mode has everything Filmora has to offer.

Let the music flow

You need to import a video to Filmora before accessing any of the features. It’s easy as predicted – you just need to browse to your preferred video and Filmora will take some seconds to get equippedthe first option you’ll see inside the tray would be the track editor. It allows you to add a few tune anywhere in the video. Filmora offers you some track documents  to try out – which are to be downloaded separately. Furthermore, you can import any music file from your system to test it out.

Torment Yourself With Text

You might think I am praising Filmora again and again, but I must say that this Wondershare video editor has got a large collection of text. The phrase art is in reality stunning and appears very professionaltrying them out is easy as properly – choose one, add your take a look at and add it everywhere.
Its textual content collection is comparable to designing giants consisting of Canva. certain, Canva is in a completely different field, but the collection is quite comparable.

Fine Filters

Filters are quite mandatory these days – you see them being used everywhere on social media. But, filters aren’t limited to still photos. Filmora has a big collection of filters too! Filters are appealing to the attentionand they do the job of hiding the minor system defects in addition to beautifying the whole scene. thereforeit might be wise to strive these filters out in your videos. With over 100 filters to choose – I am sure you will find one filter for every video.

Natural looking overlays

As the name suggests, an overlay is a kind of coating which covers something. In our case, overlays are simply some coatings which make the video even extra naturalrecall the bubbles you see in movies and serials which seem to be the effect of sun’s rays falling on the camera? That’s an excellent instance of an overlay being used.
The above photo is an overlay from Filmora. As you can see, it looks perfectly natural and adds to the beauty of the scene. Awesome, isn’t it?

300+ elements

Elements look childish, don’t they? They might look like that, but they’re quite crucial at times. A wise and creative use of elements can make a video shine. This video enhancing software has were given a large series of over three hundred elements. Be it a balloon, a flag, an airplane or a simple arrow – Filmora has it included in its series of elements.
just in case you don’t recognize, the elements don’t need to be static. each detail has a selected stated term and you maysee it swirling and swooping around the video screen during its specified duration.

Transitions and Screen Splitter

Do the scenes change often during the video? No worries, make them look better with the inbuilt transitions. The transitions supplied here are much like those you see in Microsoft PowerPoint, the difference being their rangethat is in prefer of Filmora.