Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Download AnTuTu Benchmark apk for android/ios and PC Windows

Download AnTuTu Benchmark apk for android/ios and PC Windows

The world of smartphones has undergone a revolution in a very short period. It continues to grow and develop. We are regularly getting updated about the introduction of new features that in most cases are mind-blowing. Have you ever thought about testing your Android device?  Maybe not many of us are aware, there actually is a benchmarking tool for assessing the performance of your Android device. Get the An Tu Tu app and you can do this easily. This information is useful in many ways. For instance, once you know the capacity or the capability of your phone you will know in advance if your phone can handle resource hungry game.

How the An Tu Tu app works

  • When you install this app and initialize the benchmarking test, it will do so in three phases. The first phase would assess the RAM’s performance. This will eventually familiarize you with the endurance level of your Android device.
  • The second phase will test the capability of your Android device in handling 2D graphics. You will observe, your screen is filled with pixels for testing its endurance level.
  • The third phase tests the ability of your Android device’s 3D handling capacity.
  • The updated version of the An Tu Tu app has added features that make the test results more accurate.  This includes a newly designed 3D testing sequence, the addition of a new UX (User Experience) testing item for precision, a new form of testing of the CPU of the Android device, new score proportion and cross-platform abilities.

How to download the An Tu Tu app

This useful app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for the Android users. Though this app was solely designated for testing the Android devices, it is also available for the iOS users right now. They can also download the app from the iTunes app store. Similarly, the PC users can download this app with the help of the Android emulator Bluestacks on their Windows-based PC or laptops.

The advantages of An Tu Tu app

  • For those who did not know about this benchmarking app, they can now test their Android device to know how their device fares in comparison to others.
  • Those who are planning to buy a new smartphone can review the results of various phones tested via this app online. This will help them to get a clear idea of which phone is the best.

  • Sometimes the reviews and testimonials of specific phones are paid, this means the actual truth is not revealed. When you review the benchmarking results, you should have no doubts whatsoever on which phone is the best.
  • As already mentioned the An Tu Tu app assesses each of the hardware of a mobile phone. So, you can also view the individual results and based on your analysis go for a new phone.
  • This is perhaps one of essential apps that mobile users should keep. If you have not downloaded it till now, it is high time you get it now.
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