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ShellFire VPN – Enjoy the Premium VPN Service

VPN short for Virtual Private Network allows you to browse the web anonymously and additionally lets you unblock the blocked contentnow and againif you want to look at some television shows or access a internet site that is blocked for your united statesyou could simply switch to a VPN provider, and pick out the server of the united states in which it is not blocked, and get right of entry to that without problems.
apart from those blessingswhen you browse thru VPN, your connection is comfortable aswell, and that is why it is highly recommended to use VPN nowadays. If you are one of those who access Dark Web, VPN service is must.
Though there is a huge list of VPN services, there are few which are excellent ones such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Shellfire VPN, and so forth.
Today I am here to share the review of Shellfire VPN which I have been using for over a month, and things are going quite fine.

What is Shellfire VPN?

Shellfire VPN is a VPN service that you can use for free of cost to browse the internet anonymously. If a few web sites are blocked for your placeand also you want to get entry to them, then this VPN will be a super assistthey have got both loose and top rate VPN plans.
inside the unfastened plan, you get free VPN servers to use which can be comparatively slower than the top class as soon aswhich means your surfing velocity will suffer greateralternativelyif you go along with the top rate plan, you get get entry to to top class VPN servers which give top surfing velocitypoint to be aware that in any case, your net pace will lessenwhilst you use VPN because your requests are tunneled through VPN servers, and then reach to the website server that you want to access. So, due to this tunneling, speed gets reduced.

Best Features of Shellfire VPN

  • They have 35 VPN servers which mean you get get admission to to 19 exclusive servers that you may use to connectthey’re of different nations.
  • Very easy Windows-based client available and same for Mac as well.
  • Unblocks the blocked websites for your laptop or even if you want to get entry to area-blocked websitesyou can do it.
  • Different protocol support is there such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.
  • 14-days money back guarantee which is a great feature as if you
    bought its plan, and within 14 days, in case you don’t like their offeringsyou may ask for a refund, and they may do it.
  • No DNS/IP leaks: There are many VPN services that when you use for unblocking web sitesand skim anonymously, they nevertheless leak your actual IP. surethat is referred to as DNS leak wherein even you are the use of VPN, you aren’t absolutely covered. So, at the same time as shopping for any VPN services, do check if it leaks DNS. Luckily, No DNS leaks found when I tested using com while I was connected to Shellfire VPN. The device confirmed the distinctive ISP, and area when related. And, while VPN is off, it confirmed the realto your data, if there’s DNS leak, even in case you are connected to VPN, this device will still show your actual ISP and your IP address.
  • They have no logging policy which means they don’t save anything when you use it to browse the internet.
  • When you are connected to shellfire VPN, your connection is secured with encrypted with 256-bit protection (top rate Plus plan). butthey have different protection encryption as per the plans. Higher the plan more is the secure connection.
  • Good connection speeds if you use Premium servers. Free servers damn slow. after I examined my internet velocity without the VPN, it was 20MBPS, and while connected with a unfastened VPN server, it went right down to 1MBPS. but, once I used top rate one, the velocity changed into still exact. At instances, the top rate servers supply nearly same pace as normal with a different of only 2-3 MBPS, but that is sometimes. On an average, it seemed to reduce by 8-10 MBPS from actual speed.
  • Using Shellfire VPN keeps you safe from DNS Hijacking as well.
Without VPN [Speed test by]
The difference doesn’t bother you if you are on a high speed internet connection however if you are the one who’s the usage of the comparatively slower connection, then the usage of this VPN may additionally lessen your speed to the level where you can not use browser nicelyhowever, this isn’t the only case with Shellfire VPN; every VPN reduces the internet speed to a good extend.

How to use Shellfire VPN?

To use Shellfire VPN, first of all, you have to download its desktop customerafter which begin using it. moreoverthe primary aspect you need to do is to enroll in it.
Step 1: Sign up for shellfire account.
Step 2: Download the desktop client from the download page on the official website
Step 3: click to launch the setup file as proven within the above screenshot, after which comply with the on-screen commands to finish with the installation.
Step 4: Once installed, launch it, and it will ask for login. Log in with your account credentials.
Step 5: After you logged in, you can see the User interface of the client. Click “Server list Show list of all VPN servers”. this could show you the list of VPN servers. pick any of the servers you needand click connect.
It will take some time to establish the connection.
Note: You can use the premium server only if you have bought the premium plan.
Wait for it to be soon as relatedyou may see a notification on your desktop like this:
That’s all. you are now connected to VPN server, and all your requests will go through the VPN server. Now, you can access the blocked websites as well.


Below is the pricing table to give you the full facts about the features you get in each plan, and their pricing.

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