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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Download AnTuTu Benchmark apk for android/ios and PC Windows

October 17, 2018

Download AnTuTu Benchmark apk for android/ios and PC Windows

The world of smartphones has undergone a revolution in a very short period. It continues to grow and develop. We are regularly getting updated about the introduction of new features that in most cases are mind-blowing. Have you ever thought about testing your Android device?  Maybe not many of us are aware, there actually is a benchmarking tool for assessing the performance of your Android device. Get the An Tu Tu app and you can do this easily. This information is useful in many ways. For instance, once you know the capacity or the capability of your phone you will know in advance if your phone can handle resource hungry game.

How the An Tu Tu app works

  • When you install this app and initialize the benchmarking test, it will do so in three phases. The first phase would assess the RAM’s performance. This will eventually familiarize you with the endurance level of your Android device.
  • The second phase will test the capability of your Android device in handling 2D graphics. You will observe, your screen is filled with pixels for testing its endurance level.
  • The third phase tests the ability of your Android device’s 3D handling capacity.
  • The updated version of the An Tu Tu app has added features that make the test results more accurate.  This includes a newly designed 3D testing sequence, the addition of a new UX (User Experience) testing item for precision, a new form of testing of the CPU of the Android device, new score proportion and cross-platform abilities.

How to download the An Tu Tu app

This useful app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for the Android users. Though this app was solely designated for testing the Android devices, it is also available for the iOS users right now. They can also download the app from the iTunes app store. Similarly, the PC users can download this app with the help of the Android emulator Bluestacks on their Windows-based PC or laptops.

The advantages of An Tu Tu app

  • For those who did not know about this benchmarking app, they can now test their Android device to know how their device fares in comparison to others.
  • Those who are planning to buy a new smartphone can review the results of various phones tested via this app online. This will help them to get a clear idea of which phone is the best.

  • Sometimes the reviews and testimonials of specific phones are paid, this means the actual truth is not revealed. When you review the benchmarking results, you should have no doubts whatsoever on which phone is the best.
  • As already mentioned the An Tu Tu app assesses each of the hardware of a mobile phone. So, you can also view the individual results and based on your analysis go for a new phone.
  • This is perhaps one of essential apps that mobile users should keep. If you have not downloaded it till now, it is high time you get it now.

Free Music Paradise Pro APK Download

October 17, 2018

Free Music Paradise Pro APK Download For Android/iOS/PC/Windows

Smartphones have become synonymous with entertainment. With all the diverse features and apps it ensures we are never short of entertaining stuff. The hardware specifications of the Android phones have made remarkable progress. The incorporation of Dolby Atmos sound, for instance, is a sheer pleasure for the ears. Now, when you have such features, you would be eagerly looking for a good music player. In the league of thousands of music playing apps, the Music Paradise app for Android smartphones can be regarded the best. Just use it for once and you will be able to realize the difference with the other music players.

Features of Music Paradise app

  • Unlike most of the other music player apps, you do not require to download the audio file to your phone. You have the option to stream it directly. So, you just require a robust internet connection to play and test the type of music on your Android phone.
  • It is super-easy to search for songs of a specific genre like rock, jazz, dance or romantic. Alternatively, you will also find it convenient to search with the name of the artist or simply by entering the name of the song.
  • Another great feature of this app is the inclusion of a category that features the top 100 songs of a particular week, month or year. This makes it very convenient to search for the songs trending right now.
  • You only need to stick to the Android Music Downloaded app in order to download or stream all the MP3 songs of your preferences.
  • You also get the option of downloading ringtones. With them, you can create different alert tones. .
  • Within a short period, you will be able to download an enriching collection of your favorite music.  With other music player apps, this would have taken you a long time.

Downloading instructions

For downloading this app, at first, you should check the option of “download from unknown sources” on your Android phone.
You can then download the app from the official website. Alternatively, there are many websites that will provide you with the download link for the app.
If you are an iOS user or looking to use this app on your PC, you can also do it. For PC users the Android emulator Bluestacks should be used to download the app.

Reviewing the app

Precisely, it is not easy to decide when you are looking for a good music player app for your Android phone. Almost each and every music players will boast about their incredible abilities. But not everyone is able to live up to their promise. Thus, it is important to review the performance of these music players from a trusted reviewing site. When you search for the Music Paradise Pro app, you are most likely to get positive reviews from the different corners of the globe. User experience can be read through their testimonials.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Music Paradise Pro app today for your Android phone and be mesmerized by its features and performance. 

Download Malwarebytes (anti-malware) cracked premium pro apk mod for android

October 17, 2018

Download Malwarebytes (anti-malware) cracked premium pro apk mod for android

The modern smartphones are indispensable for us for various reasons. The ability to be connected with our dear ones, getting our daily dose of entertainment or trying to learn something new, all these things can be done with the help of our Android phones. However, we tend to spend more time on the above-mentioned tasks without securing our device. Remember, your smartphone requires internet to function, it is also vulnerable to various threats like malware, infected apps, and hacker attacks. You should seriously consider protecting your phone with the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app. For most PC users the name would be familiar, now this has been developed as an app for the sake of mobile users.

The all-around features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app

  • Once installed, the app will scan all the pre-loaded apps for detecting malware.
  • It has the ability of real-time scanning, thus whenever an app is activated it will scan it before it executes. Additionally, it will also scan the native memory and the external memory card.
  • The potentially unwanted programs (PUP) are rather annoying; the app will scan for these programs and eliminate them.
  • It works in a similar fashion as it does in a PC. It will update itself automatically and whenever necessary it will schedule automatic scans. By this, your device is always protected against the newer threats.
  • It is smart enough to detect the presence of Wi-Fi and then only downloads the necessary updates.
  • After scanning, if problems are diagnosed, the app will intimate to take you the proper action.
  • The app is also capable of enabling custom whitelisting of the proper apps.

Downloading instructions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app

You can download this essential app from Google Play Store. However, it will be a 30-Day trial app. Once your trial period is over, you have to purchase the app in order to get the security for your phone. For this reason, you have to search the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app cracked premium version. You will be able to find it if you search for it online. Understanding the significance of the app, you should not compromise on anything else other than the full version of the app. Similarly, iOS users and those who are looking to use this app for protecting their PCs can download the app from relevant sources online.

Comparison with similar apps

Presently, most of our smartphones come pre-loaded with antivirus or apps that claim to resist the threats. However, it has been observed these apps are not fully capable to ward off the nature of threats. One of the prime reasons being they fail to update their databases against the new potential threats. Also, most of these apps occupy a lot of memory and can make the device run slow. When you install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app, you are assured of real-time protection and without having to worry about your device getting slow. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium app has become a mandatory app for all the smartphones right now.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Download Tiny Tunes App APK For Android/ios/iphone/PC/Laptop

August 31, 2018

Free Download Tiny Tunes App APK For Android/ios/iPhone & PC/Laptop/Windows

Who does not love music? Presently, listening to your favorite music has become even easier as there are a plethora of apps for your smartphone ready to stream and download music of your choice. It may happen, your data pack has exhausted and you are in a mood to listen to songs. Thus, you ought to have an app that can simultaneously stream and download music. If you have not heard about the Tiny Tunes app till now, then we highly recommend it for you. This app is basically designated for the Android users but users who use different operating systems can also use it.

Downloading the Tiny Tunes app for various platforms

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available at the Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to download the apk file from relevant sources. Like, most of the apps downloaded in the similar nature you should remember to enable download from unknown sources options from your settings. Else, this app may not work after downloading.
Again, this app is not available for download from the iTunes app store. So, the iOS users should take the help of the Android emulator Cydia for downloading it.

Similarly, those who are interested to download this feature-rich music player on their Windows operated computers, would need the help of the Android emulator Bluestacks or Andy to download the app.
download tiny tunes app 2018 free

The features of the Tiny Tunes app

  • You will not find any other music player app that gives you the convenience of streaming unlimited songs hosted on seven different servers. You do not require paying a penny for this, a good internet connection is all that you need.
  • It is rather simple to work with this app. Simply type the name of the artist or song you are intending to listen. Within seconds you will get the search results. Now, it is up to you, either you can add these results to the queue or create your preferred playlist.
  • Sometimes, we are not aware of the hot and happening artists. This app does not let you miss any information alike. There is a category of Top 100 that highlights the best songs of each genre.
  • When you decide to download a specific song on your phone, you can do it at lightning speeds. It does not take more than 20 seconds for a song to get downloaded. You are going to find this feature exceptional.
  • For those who are struggling with their device’s memory, would be fascinated to know, this app would occupy only 2MB of your device memory.
  • You do not require registering for an account in order to use this app. Usually, such apps are loaded with annoying ads. However, you will be surprised to know, the app will not bug you with ads.
  • Sometimes, the app may cause some problems, but when you compare it with all the other features, the flaws would seem negligible.
Needless to say, the Tiny Tunes apk can be regarded one of the best music player and streaming player app as of now.

Download Artisto Video & Photo Editor app APK for android/ios

August 31, 2018

Free Download Artisto Video & Photo Editor App APK for Android/iOS/PC/Windows

Artisto video photo editor apk download free

There are many of us who love clicking pictures. Previously, the only possible way to quench this passion was with the help of a camera. For those, who loved to edit their clicked pictures would have to opt for a DSLR. Considering the expensive price of these devices, many people had to bury their desires. Thankfully, the Android platform with its supporting apps has helped the cause of these people. Now, you can turn your Android smartphone into a photo editing tool with the help of some of the excellent photo editing apps. Here we introduce the Artisto Video & Photo Editor app to make you look like a pro editor.

Features of the Artisto Video & Photo Editor app

As the name suggests, alongside the photos you can also edit the videos. This comes as a big bonus.
  • You will notice, the app on its description claims, they are able to transform your existing photos and videos into masterpieces. Well, they do keep their word. The transformations indeed come out exceptional.
  • The app uses neural networks for generating mesmerizing visual effects and giving a completely new dimension to your existing pictures.
  • There are various filters available to provide the effect you want to give to your photos and videos.
  • Only when you are completely satisfied with the output proceed to edit it. Usually, the edited pictures will look so beautiful that you will want them to be decorated in your living room on a frame.
  • Now, you can make photo frames look completely stunning with these awesomely transformed pictures. Here is a list of things you can do with your existing photos and videos with this app:

  • It only takes a few seconds to enhance your photos, you can add stickers, apply splendorous effects, add overlays and frames and use color splash.
  • You can crop, rotate and straighten the pictures. Additionally, make changes to the saturation, contrast and brightness of the photos.
  • There is another option for whitening the smile of your photos. You can also eradicate the blemishes in the pictures and sharpen or blur images as you prefer.
  • Once you are done with the editing you can instantly share the edited photos with your close friends via the social networks.

How to download the Artisto Video & Photo Editor app

After getting acquainted with the endless possibilities you can do with this app, you would certainly like to download this app. Android users can find this wonderful app on Google Play Store. Similarly, for iOS users, this app is available for download from the iTunes store. PC users would need the Android emulator Bluestacks in order to download and install this app on their Windows PCPresently, there are thousands of photo editing apps. However, you are most unlikely to find any of them to be as good as the Artisto app. Regardless, of whether you have a passion for photography or not, you are going to love using this app as this app can transform your ordinary pictures and videos into brilliant ones.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Download BS Player Video Pro APK Crack Premium Paid Full Version Latest

August 01, 2018

Download BS Player Video Pro APK Crack Premium Paid Full Version

It’s time you dumped your video player on your smartphone and switched to something more powerful. Of course, all the basic video players offer you the same functionalities. If you are simply looking to view a few TV shows occasionally or to catch the live streaming of your favorite sport once in a blue moon, you can settle for just any video player. However, for the “real entertainment” you ought to empower yourself with the BS Player Video Proapp. Yes, you must get the full professional version for the best effects.

Features of the BS Player Video Pro app

Being an Android user, whenever you are looking for a specific app, you would be flooded with options. But, the BS Player Video Pro app definitely stands apart from the lot. If you want, you can always compare the features of bs player pro hacked version with the others. It would not take you long to realize the bs player android download is currently the best of the lot. Let us take a glimpse of some of its features:
  • The full version of the app offers you experimental support for trying Chromecast and you won’t be bugged with any annoying ads.
  • The player is compatible with Android 6.0 and higher versions.
  • You must have often come across the hardware accelerated videos. Generally, these do not play smoothly with other players. However, bs player paid version apk download helps you to get great speeds and simultaneously reduces battery consumption.
  • There is an option for pre-amplifying the audio controls. Also referred as the volume boost, you can increase this up to 500%.
  • If you desire, you can also playback in the popup window, adjust the aspect ratio and zoom and have the luxury of multiple audio streams including subtitles.
  • The inclusion of supporting customizable gestures is truly a unique feature.
  • You can attach any audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards.
  • You get a Lock screen feature, so it eliminates the chances of a sudden change of the video being played. Additionally, the app also comes with a child lock.
  • You get the added convenience of playing your desired videos directly through your Wi-Fi network.
  • The manufacturers are regularly releasing updates. This is adding more features to the BS Player PRO v1.29.194 Apk.

Downloading instructions of BS Player Video Pro

By now, you must have realized, in order to get the full functionalities of this Android video player you need the Pro version. The one you get in Google Play Store is the basic version. You are welcome to try it at first. When you seek the full version of the app, you must do a bit of research for finding the best resource to download the link. You should be getting a link for the cracked version of the software. The rest of the procedure for downloading and installation are simple and should not require any guidance. Once you start using the bs player pro apk mod, you will be familiarized with many more options. Only a handful of them has been discussed here. Get the bs player pro apk cracked and redefine your viewing experience.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Download YouCam Perfect Photo Editor App Mod Apk Crack Premium Smart HD Pro Latest Version 2018

June 28, 2018

Free Download YouCam Perfect photo editor app mod

pro hd apk premium cracked for android/PC/Laptop 2018

With the help of Android smartphones and its apps, you can
also become smarter. Well, we are specifically talking about the
ways you click pictures. Since the camera is one of the integral

parts of modern smartphones each one of us loves to click pictures
at will. However, when clicking pictures on special occasions are
required, we generally hire professionals. Now, the dawn of apps
like youcam perfect download can make your pictures look stunning. It would
appear as if these pictures are taken by a professional. So, get
Youcam perfect old version on your Android phone or even for your Windows PC and
laptops for transforming your pictures remarkably.

About the YouCam Perfect App

You can go along and search for the best apps for photography.
Reviews would suggest the YouCam Perfect for pc is the best app
for Android phones. The app developed by Perfect Corp. is loaded
with tons of features to transform your clicked pictures. For instance,
the app offers you some great wedding filters. You can click some
great wedding pictures with this. As already mentioned your pictures
will be on par with those clicked by a pro. You will not want to use
any other photo-editing app once you start working with this app.

If you are looking to make modifications to your existing pictures,
you will be able to do so. So, you can remove wrinkles, add freckles,
contours, get rid of pimples, make tiring eyes to look glowing, make
yourself thinner and even reshape your eyes. Additionally, you have the
privilege to make beautiful collages, frames, fun scenes and stickers.
You are going to love the real-time skin beautifying effects. You are also
going to get the convenience of multiple face detection when you are
going for a group fie. If you want, you can also play with the background
and give effects like defocus, Gaussian and more such effects.

Features of the YouCam Perfect app in a nutshell

  • With this app, you are going to get a wonderful photo editor.
  • The filters are simply outstanding you will love playing with them.
  • The ability of multi-face detection is something totally unique.
  • The app has the ability to create several stunning effects.
  • The option of real-time beautifying effect is also something special,
  • this feature is not present in the regular photo editing apps.
  • You can use the app on your PC, tablets and any other devices.
  • The interface is very user-friendly, so anyone can operate it.

Downloading instructions

The YouCam Perfect app apk can be easily downloaded via
Google Play Store for Android users.
Similarly, youcam perfect photo editor free download is also available on iTunes for the sake of the iOS users.
PC users can also enjoy editing their pictures if they install the Android
emulator Bluestacks. It does not take a lot of time to download and install
this app.

The YouCam Perfect online perfectly works on all the existing
versions of Android and Windows versions (for PC users). So, youcam
perfect selfie camera download today and make your boring pictures to
become lively.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Download Mobdro TV APP APK Full Cracked Premium Pro Hack Version Free 2018

December 05, 2017

Free Download Mobdro TV Premium Cracked Hack Pro Paid Full Latest Version APK For Android/iOS/iPhone/PC/Laptop Using Widows 7/8.1/10

mobdro v1.2.446 cracked premium apk

The scope of viewing videos has increased a lot in the present era. Needless to say, the smartphones have played a major role in this. Today, we can watch our preferred videos anywhere and anytime. You can easily become perplexed looking at the sea of video-streaming apps which are currently available. Among the many apps, you will find the mobdro cracked premium apk to be the best. This is currently being regarded as one of the best free video-streaming online TV app. Users of multiple platforms can access its services. So, you are never going to miss out on your desired sports, movies or any other TV shows.

Features of the Mobdro app

You have the choice of using the aforesaid app in free and premium versions. For casual users, the free version of the app would be more than enough. As the free version, it has several interesting features. Basically, in the free version you get the following features:
  • The app includes a “discover feature”. This feature will help you in searching for your preferred videos online. If your intended video is in another language, this feature will also give you the liberty to search for it.

  • The app gives you the option of sharing the video stream included in the app with anyone you desire. Though this might sound complicated, when you actually do this, you will find this can be done quite easily.
  • Yet another feature of mobdro premium apk onhax helps you in distinguishing the most preferred videos based on your likings. This saves you from the ordeal of recurrently searching for videos as soon as you log in to the app.
how to add channels to mobdro

Features of the premium version

For those who are interested in getting some “extra” out of mobdro tv apk app can opt for the premium feature. Here are the features of the premium version:
  • Suppose, you are very busy, yet at the same time you are worried about missing out on your favorite TV program.  Then, here you will get the convenience of capturing and downloading the desired videos for viewing at a later period. Additionally, it also has the option of transferring the downloaded videos to any other medium of your choice.
  • There is the option of cutting specific sections of videos and saving them.
  • The Smart TV option is going to be your favorite. With the help of this feature, you can use it with Chromecast. It only takes a few seconds to detect, and you simply need to press the proper icon for casting your phone.
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Downloading instructions of Mobdro app

If you are an Android user, then mobdro apk 2017 for android download or you might be disappointed as mobdro premium hack apk is not available in Play Store. However, there is no need to worry you can easily download the app by doing the following:
  • Browse to the Settings options on your phone and select Security.
  • Tap on the unknown source option and tick on the enable option.
  • Now, you simply need to press the Ok button which will allow you to download the mobdro pro apk download even though it is from an unknown source.
  • Identify the trusted websites for downloading this app and download it.
  • Once installed, you are now ready to explore all the videos of your choice.

mSpy App APK Full Cracked Paid Premium Version Download Onhax Trail Install Free

December 05, 2017

install mSpy App APK Cracked Hack Premium Pro Paid Full Trail Latest Version Onhax App Download Free For Android/PC

mspy app for android free download
There are situations when you ought to remain a few steps ahead of your competitor. However, you are totally in the dark about the plans of your competitors. In such situations wouldn’t it help if you got a tool to spy on them? Well, your wish is granted. Get the mspy premium apk free download and you will be empowered to spy on your competitors or anyone you want through their phones. The best part is, you can do this without having to disclose your identity. If this sounds interesting then read on.

Mspy app overview

Those who use Android devices, which the majority does, you will be able to use this app conveniently. If required, you can also use the mspy premium apk on the other platforms as well. You simply need mspy app apk full crack version download install for free on the phone you desire to spy on. Now, you just leave everything in the app. It will monitor and record the activities of the phone where it has been installed with élan. It can successfully record the call history, calendar data access, recording conversations, tracking the phone via GPS and a host of other features. Once you have successfully installed mspy premium crack app on the phone you desire to spy on, just wait for a day. All the relevant information on the phone will be available at your fingertips.

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Features of the Mspy app

After reading the overview of the app, you might think only advanced users will be able to use this easily. But this is not at all true, the Mspy Cracked Apk is very user-friendly and anyone can use it. Here are the salient features of the mspy apk cracked onhax:
  • Once you have installed this app on the desired phone, the entire details will be sent to your account. You can access this information from any device you prefer, for example, PC, phone or tablets.
  • Since the app monitors and records all the activities of the phone where it has been installed, you have complete access to the incoming and outgoing calls. It can also record the calls for you so that you can listen to them when you are free.
  • If you are worried, information is being sent via SMS or MMS, the app can also track them for you.
  • It has the GPS tracking system. Now, you can know the proper location of the phone you are spying on. Once you know about their locations you can plan your next move easily knowing the amount of time you have on your hands.
  • Yet another feature of mspy.apk download is the ability to monitor the internet browsing habits.

  • If you think, the person you are spying on is getting help from apps unknown to you, use the Mspy Paid apk to gain control over those apps. Thus, you can control how those apps are going to work on their phones.
mspy full version free download for pc

Downloading instructions of the Mspy app

You can search for the trustworthy websites to download this rather useful app. The installation process is very easy. Just ensure, you install mspy pro apk on the desired phone in the proper manner.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Drastic DS Emulator patched apk no license cracked Pro download free no root

December 01, 2017

Free Download Drastic DS Emulator Patched App Apk No License Cracked Premium Pro Paid Full Latest Version No Root

Games are now available on multiple platforms. Gone are the days when gaming meant switching on the computer and playing all by you. The advent of various gaming consoles on different platforms has truly revolutionized the gaming arena. Thankfully, there are certain apps now which can help you to access games of a different platform to be incorporated on unsupported platforms. If you are wondering how this is possible, then you should know about the drastic ds emulator patched apk. The Android emulators have already established themselves and are being widely used. Similarly, there is an equally good Nintendo DS emulator for Android. The Drastic DS emulator is going to assist you in playing Nintendo DS games in the best of ways on an Android platform.

How to download the Drastic DS emulator

Android users need not search for this app. It is available for download from the Google Play Store. It will only take a few minutes to download and install drastic ds emulator aptoide. The best thing about using this app is, it does not require any rooting to be done on your Android phone. You can start using it as soon as your installation is complete. Before downloading the drastic ds emulator apk full version free download, you can read the reviews of the satisfied consumers. This should encourage you further.

Features of the Drastic DS Emulator app

If you have a high-quality quad core powered Android phone, you will be able to enhance the 3D graphics of the game to 2 by 2 times. This means the resolution you are going to get will be stunning.

With the help of this drastic ds emulator apk cracked no root, you will be able to customize the placement and size of the screens. Thus, based on your preferences, you can adjust it to portrait and landscape modes.
This app will allow you to support add-on controllers and physical controls when you use devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.
You no longer need to be bothered about losing a saved game. With the help of drastic ds emulator apk, you will be able to save and resume your progress anywhere with different saved states.
It is possible that you get stuck in some place, to overcome this hurdle you have the convenience of more than a thousand of cheat codes. So, you can tweak the game proceedings as and when you want.

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You will get the liberty to synchronize your saved games with the Google Drive.
Lastly, the fast forward option would significantly help you in increasing the emulation speed. The fast-forward option is what you require to use drastic ds emulator r2.5.0.3a apk.

Some points to note

It is quite possible that you feel the above points are too good to be true. Thus, you can download and use the demo version at first, to get a precise idea about its workability. You will however not be able to use drastic ds emulator apk license crack for multiplayer or your Wi-Fi settings. Lastly, drastic ds emulator apk no license is only going to work for legally acquired Nintendo DS games. This product in no way is affiliated with Nintendo.