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Sunday, 5 May 2019

What is DNS Leak? How to Prevent It?

May 05, 2019
Early in this year, I have talked about using Public DNS servers and DNS Hijacking in which I explained the whole lot about them. these daysi am right here with any other topic related to DNS that’s DNS Leak. suretoday’s subject matter is DNS Leak wherein you will get to understand what it is,and how to prevent it using various techniques.

What is a DNS Leak?

When you use a VPN, it makes a connection between your computer and its server, and then the VPN server connects you to the website that you queried for. on the other handwhilst you are notusing any VPN, and also you kind a website address inside the browser, then hit input, your IP server at once connects you to that unique internet sitebut with VPN, your connection is filtered through their server and the connection is especiallyencrypted. This way, your ISP or authorities can only see that your computer is hooked up to a VPN server, however they can’t see wherein the VPN connects you. meaning no one can track which web sites you have got been surfingthat’s whatVPN for. however, a state of affairs where the VPN is bypassed is called a DNS Leak. In simple words, if your browsing can be tracked even you are using a VPN; it is called a DNS Leak.
This is a kind of dangerous situation because as a user you don’t even realize that your VPN is bypassed, and all of the time you keep thinking that you are anonymously surfing the netbut the fact is that your logs are being tracked.
you would still be able to unblock the blocked websites in your vicinity because you are the use of the VPN, but your anonymity is left unprotected which at once approach that your location and browsing are being logged by means of your ISP.
So, the query here is a way to ensure that there may be no DNS leak on your VPN?
For this, you need to find out how to test if a VPN has DNS leak or not.

How to Perform DNS Leak Test for your VPN?

There is a simple online tool, that has the answer to it. you need to perform the stairs below:
initiallywithout connecting to the VPN, access as soon as it is loaded, you will be able to see your computer’s IP address and location. This is obvious since you are not using a VPN server.
Now, connect to a VPN.
Again, type in your browser, and once it loads, see that there need to be every other IP address and placeyou can click on “prolonged test” to look extra detailsmeaning VPN has protected your place and masked the IP cope with.
As you can see in the above screenshot that now the brand new location. And, moreover the unique IP address is showingthat means there can be no problem.
but, even you’re the use of a VPN, and whilst you open the dnsleaktest internet site, and it still shows your actual IP addressand areathere may be a DNS Leak.
i’ve used Hola Chrome Extension which offers loose VPN, and then examined the DNS leak. when loaded the dnsleaktest internet site, it confirmed me the special IP and regionhowever once I clicked on “prolonged take a look at”, it showed me my real IP, place, and ISP infomeaning it does have DNS Leak. it’s miles faking your area and IP, however it doesn’t provide anonymity because your surfing and other things are being tracked by your ISP because of DNS Leak in this VPN.
The same element, I attempted the usage of NordVPN, and it didn’t display my actual elementmeaning there may be no DNS Leak right here. So, in case you need or need to use a VPN, go together with NordVPN. The same element, I tried the usage of Shellfire VPN and found it to be exact, and no DNS/IP Leak is there. ExpressVPN is likewise at the listing that doesn’t have any DNS leak hasslefurthermore,  you need to configure it correctly. So, you can choose any of these. Moreover, there might be many other VPNs that don’t have DNS Leak issue, but since I have access to these VPNs, I have tested these only at the moment.
This is how you can find whether your VPN has DNS Leak or Not.

How to Prevent DNS Leak While Using VPN?

  1. Change DNS Server

Though this is not a complete fix for DNS Leak but changing DNS server makes sure that your ISP is not monitoring your browsing and net utilizationin case you are the use of VPN serviceyou can ask them their DNS server, and they will happily provide you that which you could replace in your net settings. moreoverin case you don’t get any DNS server from your VPN provideryou can use public DNS servers which includes Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, etcwhen you have were given the DNS servers either out of your VPN company or any loose public DNS server, however, not sure how to update it, you can read the guide by clicking here to know updating DNS servers.
  1. Use VPN that has no DNS Leak

Until you use a VPN server, it is tough to know whether it has DNS leak or not. thereforeearlier than shopping for any VPN servicemake sure to talk with them, and talk about the DNS leak. you mayalso ask for 1-2 days demo so that you can check if the VPN carrier is right and worth of spending money. Once you are assured, you can go ahead, buy the service.
Mullavad VPN service has a dedicated option that enables you to stop DNS leak which is an introduced advantage.
you could use these sorts of VPN offerings to make sure they may be now not leaking your DNS. This  can be the best solution to prevent DNS Leak.
  1. IPv6 Compatibility

IPv4 is used generally, and every VPN has support for it, but it is gradually changed through IPv6 that’s the contemporary model of IP addresses. Any surfing requests despatched to or from your pcover IPv6 will bypass the VPN if it doesn’t guide IPv6. And, in that case, DNS leak will appearif your VPN has the support for IPv6, then this received’t cause any difficultyconsequentlyeven as deciding on a VPN with IPv6 aid is a sensible selectionhowever, there are some VPNs that block IPv6 traffic to save you from DNS Leak, but it’s top to get the only that processes IPv6 traffic without any leaks.

What is VLC Frame by Frame and How to Go About it?

May 05, 2019

Who doesn’t like to watch movies and TV shows? I guess most of us love
do love looking films and videos. but, now not all and sundry watch everything on tv. some of us, like to watch films or films on the laptop or pc.
And, if we mention watching a few video at the laptop, VLC media player can not be ignored due to the fact this is one of the excellent video players I ever used. in my view, VLC is the best media participant accessible for windows.
It gives diverse functions that most of the opposite players lack like changing Audio or Video files to Any format, Streaming or Downloading YouTube motion pictures, Recording an Audio or Video, Recording Your computing device and Webcam. capturing Screenshots, including Watermarks to motion pictures, and the listing is going on. properly, these days on this weblog submit i’d be discussing one such
Useful Feature of VLC Media Player which is known as VLC frame by frame.

What is VLC Frame by Frame, and How to go about it?

First of all, let us take a look at what this VLC Frame by Frame feature actually is.

What is VLC Frame by Frame?

Tell me if this ever happened to you, you are watching some kind of video and abruptly you observe some thingbut you weren’t capable of see what it surely was as it changed into rapid as flash, so you press rewind button and try to take a glance closely, rewind and rewind, and also you get pissed off. I realize the conflictas we had been there, however there may be no need to fearthanks to the VLC Media player which gives functions like VLC frame with the aid of body.
VLC frame by frame feature suggests the video frame by body because of this you see a single frame at a time which in turn helps you to take a look at the details sharply, so you don’t miss out on anything.
Sounds Interesting? Want to know how to go frame by frame in VLC?

How to go Frame by Frame in VLC?

There are 2 methods to use the frame by body feature of VLC Media playeryou could use anybody technique that you discover relevant to you.

Method 1: Using Shortcut Key/ VLC Frame by Frame Hotkey

In order to use the VLC’s Frame by Frame feature the usage of Shortcut Key/ VLC body with the aid of body Hotkey technique, you need to observe those steps cautiously:
  1. First of all, Start VLC Media Player on your PC by double-clicking its icon from the desktop.
  2. Now Open the Video File you wish to play with VLC Media Player by clicking “Choose a File” button at the top. It will take you to the directory of your PC, right here navigate to the location of the Video report you want to Play and click on “Open”button to play it.
  3. Now, go to the timeline for which you want to capture a frame or press the two barred pause button and press the VLC frame with the aid of body hotkey, that is the letter “E” Key via default.
  4. You can use this VLC frame by frame hotkey while the Video is paused or maybe while it’s miles being performedpressing “E” while the video is playing will stop the video and could display it Frame by Frame (Keep Pressing E key to go on to next frame(s)).
If you wish to change the VLC frame by frame hotkey, you can do so by going into Tools >> Preferences, here Click on Hotkey Tab and enter “frame” at the search bar, right here you may set the desired hotkey for VLC body with the aid of frame.
This was our first method to use VLC body by means of frame featurehowever there’s one more approach that’s by the usage of advanced Controls.

Method 2: Using Advanced Controls

In order to use the VLC’s frame by frame feature using Advanced Controls Method, you need to follow these steps carefully:
  1. First of all, start the VLC Media Player on your PC.
  2. Now, in order to enable VLC move Frame by Frame capability, click on the “View”Option present at the top menu, here select “Advanced Controls” from the list.
At the bottom, you’ll find a “Frame by Frame”button which seems like film strips like they’re skipping, simply above the play and stop controls, click on on it.
  1. If for some reason, you are not able to see any such option then don’t worry, simply click on the Tools button gift on the pinnacle and pick personalize Interface, right here you can enable the body by way of body button within the advanced control interface on VLC Media participant.
  2. Now open the video file you wish to play on VLC Media Player by clicking on “Choose a File” button at the top. It will take you to the directory of your PC, here navigate to the place of the video file you need to Play and click on on “Open”button to play it.
  3. Now, go to the timeline for which you want to capture a frame or just press the two barred Pause button.
  4. Now Press the frame by frame Button, above Fast Forward button to head body by way of frame in the VLC Media player in order to enable VLC pass body by using body. This turned into our 2nd approach to enable VLC move frame via frame.


VLC media player is not just a player that plays a video but it’s far ready with exceptional capabilities, and VLC frame by using frame is certainly one of them, and now you realize you could move approximately it.
two techniques are shared in this blog publishyou could use any of those as in keeping with your convenience. If you still find some issues or problem, please write in the comments.

How to Go Frame by Frame in YouTube?

May 05, 2019

Have you ever needed to watch a video to just look at some scenes especially or some thing you neglected at the same time as watching the video and now you need to locate that out?
If yes, going frame by frame is the right choice in which you can go to every frame of the video to locate the scene(s) you wanted to watch.
There may be one-of-a-kind reasons for going frame by frame in YouTube motion picturesconsisting of perhaps you discovered some thing suspicious, otherwise you need to research a cool trick which you aren’t able to examine whilst the video performs typically. In quick, you aren’t capable of examine with the Playback speedand also you want to make things the way which you see every body of the video slowly like still images.
Whatever the reason might be, you want to go frame by frame on YouTube, so continue reading to know how to do it.

3 Methods to go Frame by Frame in YouTube

Let us now take a look at the first method, which is on a way to watch a YouTube video body by using body the use of YouTube frame with the aid of body Hotkey.

Using YouTube Frame by Frame Hotkey

This is the easiest and the most recommended option that you could use to go frame by using frame on YouTube; properly you could use this best whilst you are watching a YouTube Video for your laptop laptopto head body with the aid of frame using YouTube frame by frame hotkey, you need to follow these steps carefully:
  • First of all, open YouTube on your web browser on your desktop PC.
  • Play the video in which you want to go frame by frame for.
  • Now pause the video at the desired time by either clicking on the Pause button or by simply pressing the Spacebar key on your Keyboard.
  • Now to go frame by frame, press the “>” key on your keyboard to move a frame forward or press the “<” Key on your keyboard to move a frame backward.
This is how you can go frame by frame in YouTube using the hotkey.
Note: This method will best paintings if the video writer has enabled the body by means of body option inside the video.
Most of the creators do this, so the chances are the video you are watching has this feature active. If for a few reason, it does no longer work, don’t worry try other methods explained further in this post.

Using a third-party app/website

There is a third-party site to be had on line as nicely which allows you go body by way of body in
YouTube videos.
Follow the below steps to do that:
  • First of all, open YouTube in your web browser on your desktop PC.
  • Now search and click on the Video for which you want to go frame and frame for.
  • Copy the link of the Video from the address bar of the Browser.
  • Now go to Watch Frame by Frame online tool.
  • Here, paste the URL that you copied earlier and click on Watch Video button or simply press the Enter Key.
  • Now the video will be loaded with the controls in the player which you can use to go frame by frame in the Video easily
  • There is an option for selecting the fps which contains
    various alternatives like 60fps, 30 fps, 25 fps, 20 fps or frames in line with secondyou may pick accordingly.
  • There is also an option to set the variety of frames to be skipped while you press the backward or forward button within the player.
This way, you can go frame by frame in YouTube easily. You can use this option if the hotkey function doesn’t give you the results you want on YouTube for some motives.

Using VLC Player

A lot of people actually don’t recognize that they are able to use VLC participant to move frame by means of body in YouTube videoswella good way to pass frame by means of body the usage of VLC participant, you need to observe these steps cautiously:
  • First of all, make sure you have VLC Media Player installed on your PC. You can get it for free from here.
  • Get the desired video link from YouTube.
  • Now, launch VLC media player on your desktop PC.
It was our take on How to go frame by frame in YouTube, in case you are facing any mistakes or have any queries associated with the equalsense free to leave them in the feedback phase down below, we would love to answer all your questions.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC or Laptop?

May 05, 2019

Instagram is firstly designed as a social network which can be used using its app on smartphones, but it can be used on your PC or laptop as well just by visiting, but you don’t get full features when you get admission to it for your computer the use of a browser. The most vital function which is importing photographs is not available when you get entry to Instagram out of your laptophowever as i’ve continually been saying that era has a solution to nearly the entirety in its associated enterprise, and we’ve a extremely good trick which can permit you to addphotographs in your Instagram account even you get entry to it the use of your laptop.
let’s have a have a look at how you can upload pix to Instagram using your computer or laptop.
in the pc or pcyou use a browser to get entry to any internet site and so is Instagram’s internet site as well. In different browsers, things can be a little different, but the logic will be same for uploading photos.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram using Chrome?

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to three vertical dots in the upper right corner, and click there. Then click More Tools >> Developer Tools.
  3. You will see the developer options will be opened at the bottom of the page. Click on the marked icon in the screenshot below:
  4. Now, access in the may see the app model of the Instagram, and spot the upload choice there in case you already logged in. If not, then do login the use of your account credentials.

There are some limitations when you upload photos using PC:

  1. You cannot upload multiple photos at once from PC whereas you can do this if you upload using its app.
  2. You cannot tag anyone in the photo, but you can tag in the comments.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram using Firefox?

Open Firefox, and then go to three horizontal lines at the upper right corner, and navigate to Web Developer >> Responsive Design Mode. Once it is done, access which will open just as you notice inside the chrome. however, you may not see the upload choice at the beginning, but once you select a device, you will be able to see the upload option.
Now, you have to follow the same procedure that we do while we add the use of Chrome.
there are numerous other web browsers as well wherein developer mode may be otherwise accessed. But, the basics are same in every browser.


The social media lovers cannot avoid Instagram because apart from facebookit’s miles being utilized by a huge wide variety of people to reveal off their workout photographs, modelling pix,  family photos, etc.
Using Instagram on your mobile phone is fun as you can use it on the go but lots of us nevertheless once in a while select computing device to use something, and there this manual will assist in case you really want to use Instagram for your pc to upload photographs.
if you have any problem understanding the method, please do write again in the remark, and I will try my best to come up with a solution.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Download Pandora One Mod Premium Crack Hack Apk Full Version

August 04, 2018

Free Download Pandora One Mod Premium Crack Hack Full Latest Version For Android,iOS 2018

Smartphones are considered multi-tasking devices. Thus, over the years it has evolved to a multipurpose utility for us. Its services are not limited to establishing communications only. Manufacturers are regularly coming up with updates which are enhancing the hardware and software of these phones. The modern Android phones feature Dolby Sound Systems. Listening to music on these phones is a sheer pleasure. Everyone loves music, and naturally, Android users will download a lot of music. However, finding and organizing this music can be a tedious process. Getting the Pandora One Mod apk can address this issue effectively.
pandora one apk ios

An overview of the Pandora One Mod app

You simply let this app know about your preferred music and leave it to do the rest. With the help of Pandora one premium apk 2018, you will be thrilled with the music results it searches for you. As you continue to use the app the search becomes even more refined. You will be able to create free radio stations and playlists. All this, entirely based on your favorite songs, artists and genres. So, no matter what type of music turns you on, pandora hack premium crack full latest version for android and ios will be ready with a bouquet of relevant songs.

Features of the Pandora One Mod app

The features of this app will make it indispensable to you. You may have never experienced something alike in all the other apps that you had tried previously. Here are some of the salient features of this app:
  • You will be able to create a personalized radio and songs on demand.
  • You have the freedom of creating the perfect playlists, which is simply exceptional.
  • There is no need to wait to get connected to listen to your favorite music. You can download the music you want and save it on the app for listening to it later.
  • When you are listening to your favorite songs you are guaranteed of unlimited skips and replays. Additionally, the audio is of HD quality.
  • The irritating ads are never going to bother you when you listen to your favorite songs.
how to get crack pandora premium free android

The significance of the Mod

It is important that you get the Mod after downloading the Pandora One apk cracked you also get free download pandora one apk 2018. This is going to turn on features like unlimited skips, stopping the ads, ensuring there are no timeouts, music downloader, MP3, the support of 192kbps Pandora music apk Support and the services of Courtesy of Hunter X.

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How to download Pandora One app

Android users will not find this app on the conventional Play Store. For this, you have to search online and identify authentic websites. It should not take too long to find them. Download and install it. You are now in for some exceptional music. Please note, if you had previously downloaded the Pandora app, you will have to uninstall it in order to use the services of the Mod.  There are lots of resources online where you will find the reviews of this app. You can read them to get a fair idea on how to get install use has managed to meet the expectations of music lovers.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Download Mobdro TV APP APK Full Cracked Premium Pro Hack Version Free 2018

December 05, 2017

Free Download Mobdro TV Premium Cracked Hack Pro Paid Full Latest Version APK For Android/iOS/iPhone/PC/Laptop Using Widows 7/8.1/10

mobdro v1.2.446 cracked premium apk

The scope of viewing videos has increased a lot in the present era. Needless to say, the smartphones have played a major role in this. Today, we can watch our preferred videos anywhere and anytime. You can easily become perplexed looking at the sea of video-streaming apps which are currently available. Among the many apps, you will find the mobdro cracked premium apk to be the best. This is currently being regarded as one of the best free video-streaming online TV app. Users of multiple platforms can access its services. So, you are never going to miss out on your desired sports, movies or any other TV shows.

Features of the Mobdro app

You have the choice of using the aforesaid app in free and premium versions. For casual users, the free version of the app would be more than enough. As the free version, it has several interesting features. Basically, in the free version you get the following features:
  • The app includes a “discover feature”. This feature will help you in searching for your preferred videos online. If your intended video is in another language, this feature will also give you the liberty to search for it.

  • The app gives you the option of sharing the video stream included in the app with anyone you desire. Though this might sound complicated, when you actually do this, you will find this can be done quite easily.
  • Yet another feature of mobdro premium apk onhax helps you in distinguishing the most preferred videos based on your likings. This saves you from the ordeal of recurrently searching for videos as soon as you log in to the app.
how to add channels to mobdro

Features of the premium version

For those who are interested in getting some “extra” out of mobdro tv apk app can opt for the premium feature. Here are the features of the premium version:
  • Suppose, you are very busy, yet at the same time you are worried about missing out on your favorite TV program.  Then, here you will get the convenience of capturing and downloading the desired videos for viewing at a later period. Additionally, it also has the option of transferring the downloaded videos to any other medium of your choice.
  • There is the option of cutting specific sections of videos and saving them.
  • The Smart TV option is going to be your favorite. With the help of this feature, you can use it with Chromecast. It only takes a few seconds to detect, and you simply need to press the proper icon for casting your phone.
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Downloading instructions of Mobdro app

If you are an Android user, then mobdro apk 2017 for android download or you might be disappointed as mobdro premium hack apk is not available in Play Store. However, there is no need to worry you can easily download the app by doing the following:
  • Browse to the Settings options on your phone and select Security.
  • Tap on the unknown source option and tick on the enable option.
  • Now, you simply need to press the Ok button which will allow you to download the mobdro pro apk download even though it is from an unknown source.
  • Identify the trusted websites for downloading this app and download it.
  • Once installed, you are now ready to explore all the videos of your choice.